The Fontainebleau and Gâtinais biosphere reserve are mandated by UNESCO to coordinate and promote sustainable development actions that bring environmental conservation, economic development and education together.

In order to support the development of responsible tourism at a local level, the Fontainebleau and Gâtinais biosphere reserve coordinates with the Seine-et- Marne Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Biosphere Ecotourism program.

Thirty tourism stakeholders (travel agencies, tour operators, nature guides, hotels, lodges, guest houses, cultural and environmental awareness sites, etc.) have signed the Biosphere Ecotourism Engagement Charter.

The Charter, recognised by UNESCO, formalises the commitments made to the biosphere reserve by local tourist facilities, particularly in terms of reducing environmental impact, raising public awareness, contributing to the local economy, and enhancing local assets.

The Charter is part of a process of continuous improvement, and first and foremost aims to promote local partners that work responsibly in the region.


L’UNESCO et Biosphère Écotourisme

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Designated in 1998 by UNESCO, the Fontainebleau and Gâtinais Biosphere Reserve is a testing ground for sustainable development. Located near Paris, this area concentrates high stakes of biodiversity in varied ecosystems and an urban area.

The actions of the Fontainebleau and Gâtinais biosphere reserve are coordinated by the association Law 1901, the Association of the Biosphere of Fontainebleau and Gâtinais, whose directors include several institutions and associations in the area. It aims to coordinate participatory actions to meet the challenges of the future.