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Coordinates, contacts and opening hours of the place

15, Rue de la Vigne aux Vieux

77710 Treuzy-Levelay

01 64 29 03 48

Come along and spend a few days in our property in full autonomy. Jean Claude and Micheline welcome you to the heart of Gatinais. At your disposal are rooms or an independent guest house, as well as a full garden.

On reservation : a relaxing, gastronomic stay.

Interview de l'éco-acteur

Intérieur d'une chambre au gîte Les Acacias
Jean-Claude et Micheline Vergnol

Micheline : We are Micheline and Jean-Claude, and we offer guest rooms in Treuzy-Levelay, 20 minutes from Fontainebleau and 15 minutes from Moret. We are also equidistant from the castle of Vaux-le-Vicomte and Provins. We offer two formulas: guest rooms and cottage.

When and how did you get started in this activity ?

Jean Claude : It's been over 9 years since we started. I was planning to build a garage, so I bought a piece of land. I wanted to fit out a camping car so we could go on long walks. But Micheline threw a spoke in the wheel! [Laughs.] She was unable to retire. As things shifted, I had to take care of things. So, I arranged the floor to make rooms - not a bed and breakfast at first, but I did it well, so we could welcome people who come to visit. I was told one day, "you should try to rent them"! And I replied: "You have seen our location, it's quite far into Seine-et-Marne!"

Micheline : We already had this state of mind, as we only stayed with individuals when travelling. So we knew how it worked, and we liked it.

Jean Claude : And after one thing and another, we started to rent them, and it quickly found success, people were happy. I built a studio downstairs, which is also equipped with a separate bathroom.

How did you join the Biosphere Ecotourism network ?

Micheline : It was Stéphane Jachet, [who works at the Central Organisation and Promotion of the Territory] of the community of the cities of Moret Seine-et-Loing, who told us that we would be a good fit, because we recover water, use local, seasonal, or organic produce, and produce our own vegetables. The breakfast we serve is made only from local products, even those from the garden. Organic cheese, dairy products, eggs, apple juice ... we prefer everything that is close by. [Director of the Biosphere Reserve] Jean-Michel Martin came and talked with us and told us that we would be a good fit.

What do you offer to your clients that you would especially like to share ?

Micheline : We make everything with local products. In the morning, we make boiled eggs on demand, press fresh juice... of course it takes time, but we care about quality. We received the Palme des Clients 2016 and 2017. We ask our customers why they wish to come, so we know what they want to do and what we can offer them. We try to help them discover the region, without ever forcing it. We offer the use of our bicycles, balloon rides in the region, we accompany them in the forest. We try to help them discover the actors of the region, orienting them according to their expectations. We love to help others discover and enjoy things.

Jean Claude : It's our job. If we were not to do this, we wouldn't have a [bed and breakfast].

Micheline : If we did not like having guests, we would stop. If welcoming people no longer made us happy, we wouldn't do it. We try to make people happy, to make their lives easier. It's an exchange. I always thank people by email after they leave. It's beneficial for us too.