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92 Rue Wilson

77880 Grez-sur-Loing

06 19 37 43 24

If you are looking for an outdoor sports and recreation activity, Ile-de-France specialist Nature Loisirs Evasion offers a wide range of activities to enrich your day, such as canoeing, mountain biking, climbing and more.


Whether it'son the Loing or Yerres, come grab your oar and discover the landscapes of the Seine-et-Marne while floating along pleasant rivers. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, Nature Loisirs Evasion offers half or full day programs in complete safety.;

Mountain biking

Be it independently, combined with canoeing, or in groups guided by professionals, discover the forest of Fontainebleau or the charms of the Loing Valley.


World famous sites for experienced climbers or beginners : discover the rocky boulders of the Fontainebleau range, the joys of rock climbing and being against the rock.

Interview de l'éco-acteur

Philippe Vannier, éco-acteur
Philippe Vannier

He created Nature Loisir Evasion 10 years ago. He began his activities around canoeing on the Yerres (91), then developed them on the surroundings of the Loing in Seine-et-Marne, a real hit for this region.

Philippe, can you introduce us to Nature Loisir Evasion (NLE) ?

A specialist in Ile-de-France for sports and recreational activities, Nature Loisir Evasion offers canoeing, mountain biking, climbing, archery, and boat trips. I offer services in nature while being careful not to disturb this fragile environment. It is a complex alchemy between tourism development and the much-needed conservation of biodiversity.

How is NLE reflected in the values of the Biosphere Ecotourism program ?

The practice of canoeing, for example, is a big part. I also participated in the development of a charter for "responsible leaseholders" with the department of Seine-et-Marne to promote the sustainable practice of canoeing and preserve biodiversity.

The company is also very involved in the fight against pollution. We participate in awareness campaigns on the issue of aquatic littering, paired with a clean-up. To combat aquatic littering, we must reduce our waste production and prevent it from ending up in our rivers and oceans. This is sponsored by the Fontainebleau- Gâtinais Biosphere Reserve and the Surfrider Foundation, among others.

NLE also has Handisport certified personnel, to accommodate guests with motor or sensory limitations.