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Go into the forest to discover unusual places

With 30 years of experience and several diplomas and sports recognitions, Christine Verdeil takes you on a hike in the forest of Fontainebleau walking or by mountain bike.
Respectful of the environment, she will guide you off the trails seen on maps and take you through unusual places: you will discover wild nature and impressive landscapes.

Orientation : validation électronique
Orientation : electronic validation

Get started in an orienteering course

It's a fun way to discover the forest: cartography! This experience of total immersion in the world of cartography and orientation will allow you to move around in the heart of the range using high precision maps made by Christine, thanks to her long-standing experience and knowledge of the forest. With friends, family, walking, and mountain bike, .
If you want to improve your next sporting competition, Christine will provide you with her tips to help you acquire and master orientation techniques.

Exemple de carte réalisée
Example of a map made

Orienteering course in the heart of an event

Christine can assist you in the organisation of courses or events around orienteering by creating documents to support your event, and/or by managing the technical organisational. The birthday of a child can also be an opportunity to discover orientation in the space and map reading with quizzes for children and adults alike.

Interview de l'éco-acteur

Christine Verdeil, éco-acteur
Christine Verdeil

A French champion of mountain bike Orienteering courses on many occasions, Christine also participated in the world championship of this discipline in Fontainebleau in 2002. For 5 years, she was also a member of the French team. As a sports instructor in the Air Force, she was the coordinator of a S Professional Aptitude Patent for assistant technical presenters (BAPAAT) and trained trainers at the Joint Sports School (NSDC) in orienteering. In 2011, Christine created "Cartographie et Orientation" to make her passion known to children (from the age of 7), as well as teenagers, seniors, employees, and associations, a very heterogeneous public. This discipline requires precision and patience, which are found in the very professional layout of the maps that she creates.

What is an orienteering course ?

Walking of with a mountain bike, the goal is to make a circuit as quickly as possible by means of tags on a chosen path, using a map and possibly a compass.

In order to promote its development, the approach is playful and evolutionary, so that practitioners feel safe. This discipline creates self-confidence and creates a new relationship with the space, the environment that surrounds us. It is also the medium to convey many messages to promote the protection of nature.

What services do you offer ?

I offer services for groups, such the organization of a birthday party at the Buttes Chaumont park in Paris. I mapped the park and offered an orientation course that was both fun and educational. For the inauguration of a new commercial building, I also created an orientation course so that the employees can very easily locate places.

My services are also for companies to break up hierarchies, bring staff closer together, etc.

How do you collaborate with the Biosphere Ecotourism network ?

In many ways, but I am notably a temporary provider with Top Loisirs. I also created a map and designed a permanent orientation course for the Ile de Loisirs Buthiers.