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Route de Nemours

91490 Milly-la-Forêt

01 64 98 83 77

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The Conservatory of perfume, medicinal aromatic, and industrial plants (CNPMAI) is a non-profit association created in June 1987 by the professionals of the PPAM (Perfume, Aromatic and Medicinal Plants) sector.

NOUVEAU ! In July, the Conservatory offers guided tours every Thursday at 15:00 ! On the agenda: discovery of the Conservatory and its missions, visit of the various gardens and discovery of medicinal, aromatic, perfume, dye plants, and textile plants. Then discover the museum with an audio-guided tour. (Rate: € 8.50)

Valuing and conserving genetic resources

CNPMAI aims to manage, enhance, and conserve the genetic resources of perfume, medicinal and aromatic plants in order to participate in the safeguarding of our natural heritage, and have as many people as possible discover them. The Conservatory currently has more than 1,500 medicinal and aromatic species.

Open to the public

Through its awareness mission, the Conservatory welcomes varying audiences. Gardens and greenhouses are accessible to individual visitors, groups, and school and leisure groups.

A tourist service offers adult groups guided tours (the "Walk": an accompanied visit to the gardens plus a visit to the museum with audio guides and the "Gourmet Walk" adds a small tasting session) and guided tours for individuals (with specific themes, workshops, etc.).

An educational service that welcomes classes from kindergarten to high school for themed events (on site or in class) as part of the educational program: "Discovery of Utilitarian Plants", "Spice Plants", "Perfume Plants", "Herbarium", "Fibre Plants", "Medicinal Plants", "Aromatic Plants", "Dye Plants", etc.

Interview de l'éco-acteur

Morgane Souche, éco-acteur
Morgane Souche

Presenter at the National Conservatory of Aromatic and Industrial Medicinal Plants in Milly-la-Forêt. After 3 years in Guadeloupe at the NGO as project leader for the public, Morgane has been at the National Conservatory of Aromatic and Industrial Medicinal Plants (CNPMAI) for 2 years. She is the tourism and educational manager.

What is your mission ?

I organise presentations for schools and extracurricular groups, as well as for adults. We offer more than a dozen educational activities, from kindergarten to high school. I also manage the communications of the Conservatory. My initial training in environmental education gave me some tools for this work, in a place that I did not know. Having a garden like this is also a source of training and exceptional information. Through the seasons, I accompany the public in this wonderful plant odyssey, a fun botanical and walk, both indoors and outdoors!

Can you introduce us to CNPMAI ?

The National Conservatory of Perfume, Medicinal, Aromatic and Industrial Plants (CNPMAI) is an association created in June 1987 by the professionals of the sector of Plants with Perfume, Aromatic and Medicinal purposes.

It is an exceptional place in France for the conservation , production and the valorisation of utilitarian plants, and it is not by chance that this place exists in Milly-la-Forêt, as traces of a simple garden (medicinal plants) were found in the 12th century.

It is a tool at the service of professionals and individuals. CNPMAI is at the interface of the world of wild plants and cultivated plants. Its purpose is to manage, enhance, and conserve the genetic resources of utilitarian plants.

The Conservatory is a nursery, botanical garden, an agronomic research centre and an area of experimentation... it offers a surprising trail that retraces the plant odyssey !

What kind of presentations do you offer for children ?

I really like the one about the colouring and dye plants. I prepare some samples beforehand; I test the colours... it is very rewarding. On the day of the presentation, we take the group on the conquest of forgotten knowledge: the use of the plants from which to extract colour.

This presentation is also available for adults, you are welcome to join!