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1, rue Roger Genty

77690 Montigny-sur-Loing

06 23 43 04 37

Coeur de Choc is an artisanal company whose main activity is the transformation of chocolate... into wonderfully delicious bars !

Chocolate is a familial tradition that began a long time ago with Antoine's mom, Hélène. Initially, the recipes were passed on from mother to son! Antoine and Jessica hope to pass them on to their 3 little girls.

The chocolates are crafted with great respect for the products and very special know-how.

Bandeau publicitaire de Cœur de Choc
Publicité Cœur de Choc

Interview de l'éco-acteur

We are a 100% artisanal and local company producing organic chocolate, certified "eco-cert". We bought the company from Antoine's mom [the co-owner of Coeur de Choc], who was behind the organic chocolate bars two and a half years ago. We continue to develop the company, with several shops and fairs. We maintain our ecological and organic side not only in our work, but also in everyday life. We really value the 100% organic label. We are not looking to become a multinational : we both want to make our product, our little chocolates, and have a threshold that is right for our products.

How did you hear about the Fontainebleau-Gâtinais Biosphere Reserve ?

We were contacted. We are in the forest [in Montigny-sur-Loing], so we knew about it. When they contacted us, I found it nice to adhere and to be able to share, to show that it is not very complicated what we do, and that we can all do something. It's our way of life.

Your work has always been in the area of sustainability. What has the Biosphere Reserve brought to your work ?

The only thing that has changed is that we talk about it. We were already part of organic networks, so being a part of the Biosphere supports what we want to become, what we already are, and what we want to show to others. It supports the fact that we are real artisans who entirely manufacture and transform chocolate, which, I repeat, is not 90 or 95%, but 100% organic. We do not buy boxes, everything is recycled, and we explain to customers why the boxes are recycled. It is an additional certification, and it allows us to raise awareness. There is a lot of awareness amongst kids at school, but I think there is a generation right before them that is not necessarily aware, people do not yet know that protecting nature is easy.