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Ferme d’Orsonville

1 Rue d'Orsonville

77190 Villiers-en-Bière

07 72 02 56 98


We harvest the sap of birch trees on a plot located in the Regional Natural Park of Gâtinais, on the edge of the forest of Fontainebleau. This parcel was planted almost a century ago. The trees we harvest are mostly 60 to 80 years old.

100% pure Birch sap from Orsonville is certified BIO by ECOCERT- no preservatives - no pasteurisation - no alcohol

The season has begun, don't wait to de-stress. This complete drainage of the body provides energy and vitality. Our modern lives generate a significant storage of metabolic waste. It is important to promote its elimination to detoxify our body.

Pure birch sap has been known in Western Europe for its depurative and revitalising properties since the 12th century.

The rooms

The Orsonville Farm offers 5 guest rooms and 2 meeting rooms (weddings, seminars, etc.). In the building on the right of the Orsonville Farm, on the first floor are 5 guest rooms in the old granaries, which include: 2 family suites, accommodating 15 people.

Une chambre de la ferme d'Orsonville
A room
La salle de
The hunting hall

On the ground floor of the Orsonville Farm, in the right building, are 2 renovated halls that can host 98 people; one in the old stable, the other is a barn. Both are equipped with a large kitchen for caterers with 4-hob gas burners, a fridge, a sink, and either a microwave or heating oven. Each room is equipped with a cloakroom and 2 toilets. Both rooms are accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Birch sap from Orsonville

Birch sap from Orsonville is ideally suited for complete detoxification because it: - promotes deep drainage of the body, - activates the elimination of acid and organic waste, such as uric acid and cholesterol - contributes to the elimination of cellulite and promotes the flexibility of movement, - is very rich in minerals, trace elements, amino acids and fruit acids, and is also used externally for burns and for skin problems.

Forêt de bouleau
On the job!

The Orsonville birch sap is collected in the heart of the forest of Fontainebleau, in an ecological natural environment, and packaged within 24 hours maximum from harvest. It is offered in a 3L BAGINOV. The birch sap does not undergo any oxidation, which preserves all its qualities and full freshness. In addition, this method does not harm the tree from which it is harvested.