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3 Rue de la Gare

77590 Bois-le-Roi

01 64 14 95 71

To encourage travelling light, Contes et Lectures offers small books for customers who arrive by bike! The cottages are labelled ClésVacances. Regular exhibitions take place in the bookstore by local artists.


Les Affolentes des bords de Seine, this updated book is available and can be ordered in Bois-le-Roi at the bookshop Contes et Lectures, at Place de la Gare.

This new edition is considerably enriched compared to the first, and contains more houses, new photos, new documents, and a new layout.

Interview de l'éco-acteur

Anny Bourbier-Dardenne, éco-acteur
Anny Bourbier-Dardenne

Anny offers Contes et Lectures in Bois-le-Roi (77590), a specialised bookstore with three cottages at the doors of the forest of Fontainebleau, since 2007.

Can you introduce us to Contes et Lectures ?

Contes et Lectures is a unique place that creates desire to discover the area. You will be greeted by chestnut trees that tower over the garden. A stone's throw from the Bois-le-Roi train station, it is also the starting point for several forest trails, and especially the number one of the Grande Randonnée trails (GR1) of Denecourt, which formerly inventoried this circuit.

You will find lodging comprised of three double rooms in a forested area in the Seine Valley, which is the perfect location to discover the natural, cultural, and historical heritage of the region by foot.

A bookstore of nature and art
Nature and the arts are intimately linked in this area, hence the speciality of the bookstore that offers literary news, an NGI map, topo-guides and tourist information that can be browsed in the tearoom. Many artists have come here to paint, write, compose and relax, not to mention those who come to experience excellence in the worlds of horse riding and rock climbing.

Delicatessen and wine cellar
All that was missing was gastronomy to complete its offering, which was added in 2012. The grocery store and the wine cellar offer a range of organic products, sometimes local, such as Mousse de Bleau, beer brewed in the village, honey, tea, chocolate, and more.

How is Contes et Lectures an Eco-tourism destination ?

Contes et Lectures is simply an invitation to discover our culturally rich surroundings with those who are passionate. My role is to invite people who come from all walks of life to visit the region by walking, hiking, or cycling if possible (rental at Top Loisirs) for different themes (Némorosa) in the villages on which our history is based: the forest and Barbizon, Samois-sur-Seine, Courances and Fontainebleau.

Do you have new projects, new ideas to strengthen the eco-tourism of this place ?

Since September 2014, I have hosted an association that organises writing workshops once a month. Since January, crochet workshops are held every 15 days. Contes et Lectures is part of the Slow Tourism concept (see the monthly review). I regularly host artist exhibitions, and I organise conferences and book dedications. The project that is close to my heart would be to develop the bookshop of the bookstore with more and more "Slow" themes, where we can take the time to exchange and do things.

What is the advantage for tourists to come here as part of the Biosphere Ecotourism network ?

The area of Fontainebleau and Gâtinais is recognised by Unesco. This Biosphere Ecotourism approach makes it possible to offer our visitors a diversified offering. It is a network in which we share the same values as regards a responsible approach in order to respect our environment.