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Coordinates, contacts and opening hours of the place

Carrefour du Bas-Bréau

Allée des Vaches

77630 Barbizon

01 64 14 90 56

The food services of la Caverne des Brigands (drinks, fries, waffles, crepes, ice cream, beer, etc.) is the main activity of this place.

Interview de l'éco-acteur

I am the manager of the Caverne des Brigands, which has been in my family for 40 years. It worked like all of the old forestry houses; at the time, it was more like an inn. With time, it has turned into a more family-like accommodation. We welcome families, climbers, walkers, and more. We try to offer fast yet sophisticated food, and we try to have a good selection on the menu. We don't just make steak and fries: we also offer rib steaks, racks of lamb, and more. We do not do events, but we do group meals for walkers, climbers. The only time I said no was to a group that came to ride quads. For me, this is not the objective. I prefer to encourage mountain biking, which can be done in respect of the pathways and the forest.

How did you hear about the Biosphere Reserve ?

I knew about the Biosphere when the lease of the Caverne des Brigands was
renewed two years ago. Before, the leases were resold, and each one had its own
small market. European law changed that. The National Forestry Office told me to
get in touch with the Biosphere Reserve. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry
put me in contact, and that was that.

Could you tell us about the commitments you have made as a partner of Biosphere Ecotourism ?

We increasingly seek to acquire our supplies locally. I get a lot of supplies from
Dammarie-les-Lys, while before I went further away, to Paris. It is not necessarily a
big gap, but it is a small way to pollute less. I buy my ice-cream in Moret from an
artisanal ice cream maker - it creates less waste than industrial ice cream. We also
have an agreement with SMICTOM [the garbage collection union] for garbage
Energy-saving LED lights, water collectors, and outdoor faucets were removed,
which people tended to leave open. This winter, I have planned to remake the
roof and install a micro-station rather than a tank.
For next year, I'm trying to work with Avon Ânes [another Biosphere Ecotourism
Partner] to offer walks for kids around the restaurant. I think it's a nice idea. It's
important, it's not just about business.