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16 Avenue Blaise de Montesquiou

77780 Bourron-Marlotte

01 64 78 39 39

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A family feel

« The Chateau de Bourron is a family home, which some might call a boutique hotel. My wife and I embarked on a great adventure, that of welcoming guests to our home. It took 10 years of restoration, in renovating all the woodwork, electricity, fireplaces, heating, and air conditioning for some rooms. We paid attention to bathrooms by restoring old cast iron bathtubs, finding old fittings, installing walk-in showers, even daring with a whirlpool for relaxation and rest for our guests. The decor of each room was a feat that was taken on quite naturally by my wife Estrella. When living in a place and identifying with it, planning, decorating and regaining its original spirit becomes truth. My wife wanted to retain the spirit of each room, of every illustrious person who stepped foot in this home. "

Guy de Cordon, Owner

The castle

Bourron was once a fortress "enclosed by walls and surrounded by moats". The floor plan of the present castle is that imposed by the presence of the moat. The west and east pavilions take over the old guardhouses. The rocky side of the foundation of the castle is built on the foundation of the old fortress. There is historical uncertainty about the date of the beginning of works, but various architectural elements lead us to believe it was built at the end of the 16th century. The layout of the castle takes on that of the medieval fortress, without seeking innovation. Windows are clumsy or archaic to the outside, leaving large gaps between them.

The shape of the nested panels on the lower pavilions is directly inspired by the Fleury-en-Bière commons dating back to 1555. Other castles were built at the same time around Paris: Pontchartrain, Neuville, the courtyard of the Offices of Fontainebleau.

Chambre Racamier du Château de Bourron-Marlotte
Racamier Room
La Bedoyere, chambre de charme luxueuse au Château de Bourron Marlotte
La Bedoyere, chambre de charme luxueuse

The park

The park of the Chateau de Bourron, enclosed by walls, spreads its 40 hectares of lawn and wood in the extension of the Fontainebleau forest. It reveals a few surprises: hidden behind the small house is the romantic source of the Neolithic era called Source Saint-Sévère that leads to the canal, the statue of Ceres, which serves as closure to the northern parterre, that of Saint Joseph by Fernand Py under the high forests and the house of Artagnan. But the main offering of this French park remains its beautiful view, led south by the canal and alleys of linden trees, which gives the Château de Bourron all its grandeur. The site has been registered in the supplementary inventory since 1926 and classified as a historical monument since 1971.

Douves du château de Bourron-Marlotte
Moat and castle